Why Choose Montessori for Your Child?

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Why choose Montessori? As we navigate the ups and downs of raising children, particularly in these fraught times, it can be helpful to step away from the daily challenges and envision your child’s future.

New University of Virginia research shows Montessori education goes well beyond academics to provide adults with:

  • Better health and work performance and
  • More positive social behavior and relationships

Join Sea Rose Montessori School in a discussion of this research and other ways 100-year-old Montessori education differs from traditional teaching and learning with a special focus on fostering independence in a positive, empowering, and flexible learning environment.

About Expert Educator Whitney Slade

long-time Head of School Whitney Slade who holds a Master of Education M.Ed. from Harvard University Graduate School of EducationGuiding the “Why Choose Montessori” conversation is longtime Head of School Whitney Slade who holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) from Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Mr. Slade is currently the Head of School at The Riverbend Montessori School in Natick, Mass., and has 20 years’ experience as Head of School at well-regarded private traditional schools as well. For many years, he has also served as Board Chair at the Martin Luther King Center in Newport, RI.

About the University of Virginia Study on Montessori Education Outcomes

“The study is one more data point in a growing body of research suggesting #Montessori pedagogy is better for humans than is the common model,” researchers tell Forbes magazine. “And, since it is over 100 years since people began implementing Montessori, it has been beta-tested — we know how to implement this pedagogy and are doing so all over the world. More people should know about it.”