Summer Programming

Sea Rose offers our students a year-round academic program. In the summer we are able to welcome other children with a Montessori background into our school starting in June.

In the summer we continue with Montessori Mornings as students continue their work cycles engaged in Montessori materials in language, mathematics, sensorial, geography and practical life.  Our children work on practical life skills by setting a table for lunch and cleaning up dishes they have used. Their will be outdoor picnics at the picnic table on the patio and under shade trees in the labyrinth.

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The afternoons will focus on fun activities; yoga, gardening, raw food cooking, art and water play as well as time spent outdoors on the playground and running with silks in our open field. See below for detailed program descriptions.

Yoga & Mindfulness Practices Program

The children of Sea Rose have been practicing yoga weekly and we look forward to continuing this centering activity with our certified pediatric yoga instructor. Tree pose under a sprawling oak tree! There will be additional practices; hand strengthening activities that will feel like games, partner and/or group poses, and breath techniques/pranayama to calm the mind and body. The children have been learning the true names of the yoga poses; Warrior, Plank, Tree, Savasana, etc.

Foundations of Nutrition, Gardening and Food

Focus is around our community garden plot. Children will work on planting, tending, and harvesting what we grow. They will be sent home at the end of each week, if all goes well with weather, with a CSA-type box of  produce. The students will also be making sauces like pesto at the school to bring home in this pack as well as raw food salads to be enjoyed at school.

Lessons in the Arts

Artists will share their skill and crafts with students. Children will explore various media during lessons and all activities will be hands on.  Following the artists state of mind, “We must learn the rules of art to then break the rules and make art.” This will range from painting, clay, fairy building/crafts, and printmaking.

Water Play

It’s summer – let’s enjoy it with water play and crafts. Water play encourages the development of fine motor coordination through pouring, squeezing, stirring, painting, scrubbing, and squirting. Children strengthen their gross motor skills by running, dodging water drops, and hopping through a sprinkler. They widen their sensory experiences as they put their hands in different textures (gritty, squishy, and slimy) and different temperatures (warm, cool, and cold) (Hendrick, 1998). Children learn new vocabulary such as sieve, funnel, eggbeater, stream, bubbly, moisture, and evaporation. Water play is such a meaningful experience for children that it can be extended to writing experiences as well. Children may draw pictures of sprinkler play, then dictate or write a description or story to the teacher. Another valuable writing experience involves the teacher writing down children’s predictions, such as how long it will take ice cubes to melt. Water play is one of the most relaxing activities children can experience. Water play relieves tension by encouraging children to release their emotions with pouring, pounding, and swooshing. In addition, social skills expand as children play cooperatively; negotiate; and share equipment, space, and materials.