School Safety

Again this year schools across the globe have been and will continue to be greatly impacted by COVID-19. Our goal at Sea Rose Montessori is to safely maintain as much normalcy and structure as possible while continuing to provide the same level of dedication to teaching in our beautifully prepared learning environment, fostering independence and instilling a natural curiosity for learning.

We understand that keeping our school community safe will take the participation of all of our families and staff, while at minimum meeting RIDOH, WHO, and CDC mandates and guidance.

Since safely returning to full-time in-person learning in July 2020, Sea Rose has experienced only 1 week of 1 classroom being closed. While Sea Rose teachers quickly readied home-learning kits to keep students engaged at home, widespread testing documented that there had been ZERO spread at school.

How has Sea Rose Montessori kept Students Safely at School?

Sea Rose Montessori, at minimum, follows CDC/RIDOH required mandates, PLUS: 

  • Mask-wearing indoors (optional for elementary students), HEPA filters, state-of-the-art CO2 monitoring, daily attestations/temperature checks,
  • Individualized materials and learning areas, separate building for elementary students,
  • Three outdoor fields with mature trees and an amphitheater to accommodate increased outdoor time for learning and exploration, and of course,
  • Our extensive Home Learning Program.

In addition, Sea Rose’s standing Safety Team of medical professionals and members of the community guide the implementation of safety measures and keep everyone informed with best practices to keep school safely open.

Note that Sea Rose has experienced zero in-school transmission of COVID-19, nor flu. Since its founding in 2016, Sea Rose’s “feeling unwell” policy encourages families to keep students home to rest and recover more quickly. COVID-19 has shown this policy helps keep classrooms open, teachers well, and students in-school safely learning.

In light of our young unvaccinated students, in times of increased risk, Sea Rose families are embracing outdoor activities and masking when sharing indoor airspace.

We understand the enduring stress this pandemic has placed upon families whose children are vulnerable. Sea Rose Montessori brings families together as community dedicated to safe in-person learning.