Primary Ages 3-6

Enrolling ages 3, 4, and 5 with part-time options

Primary ages 3-6 are an exciting time for students and families. Sea Rose Montessori School is enrolling students for fall full-time. Please note part-time spots are filled for Fall 2022.

Educators’ Tips for Families Transitioning to Preschool

Many families rode out the pandemic waves with greater safety in mind – keeping their babies and toddlers in small settings or exclusively with family. As your little one’s mind grows, so does their inclination to grow their world. 

With a student-centric approach, Montessori education enables students and families to transition to greater socialization and a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow at each child’s unique pace. 

Sea Rose Montessori has held safe, in-school learning with zero COVID transmission since July 2020.  

Signs Your 3-year-old Is Ready for Montessori Primary

  • Is seeking more exposure to / interest in letters, numbers, learning overall
  • Is more inquisitive and asking more questions
  • Seems bored or is increasingly attention-seeking, disruptive, or even acting out 
  • Is able to engage in self-care/potty-training 
  • Is no longer (or is fighting) napping mid-day

With a wealth of experience and decades of Montessori training, Sea Rose Montessori’s lead teachers are a wonderful resource to families. As a parent-founded school, Sea Rose seeks top teachers to share with families not only Montessori methods, but also options and approaches that have worked well for many families.  

Our wonderful primary (pre-K and Kindergarten teachers) have created options to support young children’s readiness for school success and acclimating to not only the Montessori community but also for a smooth readiness for full-time Kindergarten, as regulated by RI Department of Education (RIDE). 

Particularly for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds students, daily consistency is key, and students look forward to being engaged with their peers, certified teachers, and the carefully prepared Montessori environment. 

Students from age 3+ are welcome to start at 5 full days with dropoff between 8-8:30 am and pickup by 3 p.m. Extended-day runs until 5 p.m. Note: Summer programming is shorter.

Please note part-time spots are filled for Fall 2022

If your student needs more time acclimating, Sea Rose offers these age-based part-time options that are designed to best prepare students for successful full-time Kindergarten.

Part-time options for students ages 3 to 3.5

  • 5 half-days: Dropoff 8-8:30 am with pickup before or after lunch
  • Growing to 5 full days by ages 4 to 4.5
  • 3 half-days: Growing to 5 half-days within the first 3 to 6 months at Sea Rose 
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: Dropoff 8-8:30 a.m., pickup before or after lunch

For students ages 4-4.5

  • Growing from 5 half days to 5 full days for Kindergarten instructional readiness 

For students ages 5+

  • 5 full days 8:30-3 p.m. for Kindergarten instructional readiness 

Families can request added days and hours sooner than the above:

3 half-days families can request additional days and 

5 half-days can extend hours sooner than the above.  

Click here to learn more about Sea Rose Montessori School’s faculty of Montessori-certified teachers.

About Sea Rose Montessori’s Differences From Other Independent Rhode Island Schools
  • Health & wellness guidelines to preserve a safe school environment
  • Highly trained faculty with extensive Montessori experience
  • Emphasis placed on indoor and outdoor time
  • Extended school day 8:00 am-5:00 pm for working families
  • Year-round educational program (including summer)
  • Bright and airy eco-friendly building
  • Reasonably priced tuition with payment options

About Sea Rose Montessori

RIDE- and DHS-approved, Sea Rose is located at 324 East Main Road in Portsmouth, RI. The beautiful grounds include a community garden that students help maintain. 

Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Sea Rose Montessori offers multi-age classrooms: primary (ages 3-7) and elementary (grade 1 through 4th grade and growing each year through 8th grade).

Parent-founded with highly experienced Montessori-certified teachers, Sea Rose also offers extended-day and summer programming. Pre-K openings for spring, summer, or fall enrollment. Elementary openings for fall.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori views the child as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating their learning, even at a young age. When this child is placed in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared environment, the child instinctively seeks a rich learning experience through exploration, discovery and creativity. 

Guided by a trained teacher, children are encouraged to work freely, pursuing their interests, and making choices for themselves in the learning process.

The Montessori Method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, more than 100 years ago, based on her scientific observations and conclusions about how children learn. She developed materials and methods, based on her findings, that are used around the world. It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child.

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