Learning philosophy and guide for 2020-21 school year

As a parent-founded and teacher-led school, Sea Rose Montessori is dedicated to supporting working families and their students both in the classroom and at home. In preparation of the 2020-21 school year, our community has pulled together to protect the health and safety of our families during the COVID pandemic. We have put together a plan that supports in-person learning, and if needed, a child-led home learning program with full teacher support.

At Sea Rose Montessori, our teachers become our parenting partners. This philosophy, coupled with Dr. Montessori’s century-old scientific approach to how children best learn, will withstand this pandemic— as it did 100 years ago — enriching our children and ourselves with resiliency and strength.

Safety First

The Sea Rose Montessori safety team is made up of parents with professional expertise including an epidemiologist who works with the CDC, medical and teaching professionals, a university facilities lead, and our head of school. This group has implemented best practices to adjust to the fluid guidelines as the pandemic evolves. Sea Rose will continue to take every step to exceed recommendations set forth by state and federal officials.

In-Person Learning

This year, Sea Rose Montessori will have stable classes of no more than 13 students, with two teachers. We have spacious classrooms and a vast outdoor area that enables distancing between students.

An important component to keeping our community safe, is that our families pledge to help prevent the spread of COVID outside of school. Our recent parent survey found that parents are aligned in their commitment to keep school safe and open.

Example Responses From Parent Survey

“Avoid crowds, wash hands, wear masks when out in public, and maintain distance from others”

“We would implement after school/weekend activities with [my child’s classmates] so they have interaction outside of school but stay in their groups of 13”

Home Learning Program

While the safety team’s experts focused on the research and recommendations, sea Rose’s experienced teachers have focused on plans and best practices to support home learning while parents are working, Sea Rose teachers are fully engged with the vast Montessori global network tht has curated the best practices for parents and students working from home.

What is especially wonderful about the Montessori philosophy is the approach of learning is everywhere. How does this translate for balancing working parents and keeping students engaged?

  • Home learning kits customized for each student designed to meet individual interests
  • Personalized guidance on establishing a school home-learning area
  • Teachers guiding students to take ownership in maintaining and organizing their areas — just as they would at school.
  • Support to provide parents the techniques and strategies that help keep students engaged and motivated in their work — so parents can do theirs.
  • The perspective that learning doesn’t stop: math games and conversations over dinner that are engaging and fun for the whole family.