How “Home Learning” Works

Our students are learning in-person full-time, however we have also developed a robust plan to continue Montessori education at home, in the case of a shutdown or individual quarantine requirements. The plan is child-led and requires minimal screen time, which is only used for direct communication.

School Provided Materials

  • Each student will be provided with home learning materials boxes customized for each student designed to meet each student’s interest. These boxes will be filled with a variety of materials that the student will need to complete their lessons.

Teacher Guides

  • Teachers meet with parents to provide support and share techniques/strategies to help keep students engaged and motivated in their work so that they can do theirs
  • Teachers meet individually with students to provide one on one support
  • Recorded video lessons ( see sample HERE)
  • Real Time virtual lessons with students 

Home Environment     

 Required  materials include:

  • Child sized desk an chair
  • Small set of shelves *
  • General material including paper, pencils, books
  • * Note: We have small tables/shelves that may be borrowed.

Promotes Independence:

  • Teachers guide students to take ownership of maintaining and organizing their work area at home just as they would at home.