Home Learning

Sea Rose Montessori understands that home-learning cannot replace learning in the school’s prepared environment. Unfortunately, in the case of an outbreak or state mandated policy, we may be required to revert back to this type of learning. We are FULLY prepared to take on this challenge. Using the knowledge we gained back in March, we have been working diligently to come up with a new and improved Home Learning Program. Our experienced teachers have collaborated with each other and other Montessorians across the globe to come up with a plan to support learning at home WHILE parents are working. We are taking this as an opportunity to incorporate many of the tenets of the Montessori philosophy, some of which include fostering a sense of independence, developing a sense of ownership for the prepared environment, and the notion that learning is everywhere.  Please click on the “How this works” tab to learn how we will implement the NEW Home Learning Plan.