Sea Rose Montessori School Photos

Sea Rose Montessori School offers an ideal environment for your children to develop a love for learning. From a carefully curated curriculum to a comfortable and inspiring classroom, Sea Rose offers an authentic Montessori education to foster your child’s love of learning, independence, and creativity.

Below are some pre-COVID-19 photos that provide a sneak peek into the days of Sea Rose students and the warm and bright classroom spaces, set on a peaceful 70+ acres on Aquidneck Island in Portsmouth RI.

Please click here for more about Sea Rose Montessori School’s health & wellness guidelines that include masks while indoors, spacious classrooms with high-grade air filtration, HEPA filters, and CO2 monitors.

In 2018, we completed a total eco-renovation on our school building. Our Montessori teachers provided input on all design decisions to fully embrace students and their growth. In fall 2020 Sea Rose grew the Elementary program into a separate building on campus. Please click here to learn more about Sea Rose Montessori School’s Lower Elementary program, serving first, second and third grades.

In fall 2022, Sea Rose will be adding Upper Elementary to serve fourth-graders and aims to add a grade year through 8th grade.

Experience Sea Rose for Yourself!

Sea Rose is offering limited individualized tours with all health & safety protocols in place: advanced air filtration, HEPA filters, and CO2 monitors.

How Sea Rose Montessori Differs From Other Excellent Independent Schools in Rhode Island

  • Health & wellness guidelines to preserve a safe school environment
  • Highly trained faculty with extensive Montessori experience
  • Emphasis placed on indoor and outdoor time
  • Extended school day 8:00 am-5:00 pm for working families
  • Year-round education program (including summer)
  • Bright and airy eco-friendly building
  • Reasonably priced tuition with payment options

Founded by 4 moms, Sea Rose Montessori School supports families with community events like apple picking, picnics, and hikes; expert talks on parenting and wellness; and insights from our highly experienced and dedicated educators with frequent adult-learning evenings throughout the year.

Click here to learn more about Sea Rose Montessori School’s faculty of Montessori-certified teachers.