Upcoming Events

Student and Parent Orientation

Late August/Early September 2017- Come see the completed classroom and meet the Montessori guides who will open the world of Montessori learning to your child.

School Opening

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in September! Enrolled families will receive their packets with the school calendar in July.

Past Events

Sea Rose Montessori Meet and Greet – July 9, 2017

It was a fun filled afternoon as the community of future Sea Rose families came together to meet the teachers, see the classroom and a sampling of Montessori materials. The children engaged in fine motor activities such as sewing stitches in burlap, pushing colored wool into seedpods and making pictures with stones. The parents spent time speaking to the teachers and meeting additional Sea Rose families. So excited for September!


Sea Rose Montessori Open House – May 24, 2017


Sea Rose Montessori welcomed families and educators interested in Montessori education to our new campus in Portsmouth, RI for our first open house. After a tour of our classrooms, we settled in for an an interactive presentation, led by Dr. Susan Zoll.  She shares her insights as a Montessori educator and parent, and engaged us in revealing why each of us was drawn to Montessori for our children.

Dr. Zoll is an Assistant Professor of Education, and Director for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning at R.I College. She has spearheaded many educational initiatives and is currently focusing research on Montessori education. If you are interested in hearing the lively discussion contact us for the link to the voice recording.