As a parent of a child at Sea Rose, you can have a direct influence on the future of the school. Sea Rose Montessori was born from the vision of a group of parents who desired a experience than was not available at other Aquidneck Island schools. So that’s what we built!

When forming the school, we surveyed local parents to find out their top concerns and priorities. This feedback proved invaluable in ensuring Sea Rose Montessori structured to meet the priorities of our families and community.

Here are the results of that survey of local parents:

When asked what parents were seeking in a school, the top concerns were:
  • 94% are seeking more outside time and less sitting
  • 75% want to minimize scrambling during summer & after-school
  • 62% want a greater say in their child’s education
  • 56% are seeking child-directed learning
When asked to rank priorities in order of importance, the following were in the top 3:
  • 69% prioritize the quality of education
  • 50% want outdoor time
  • 31% selected a Montessori education
  • And while no one chose cost as a top priority, 69% ranked it between 2nd and 5th in importance


A Montessori education is a wonderful choice for young children transitioning from home or a preschool environment. The model of child-directed learning provides a space for children to explore education at their pace and to focus on the areas that are of the most interest to them. They will foster a love of education and will build confidence in themselves.


The school environment is an opportunity to influence the students’ happiness at school and the way that they learn. We want to offer an uncluttered, vibrant and inspiring space for our students to gather and perform their days’ work.  We have a modern, sunny classroom space adjacent to large grassy areas offering a seamless transition to the outdoors for learning.


We are focused on not only providing an excellent education, but an affordable one. This is one of the reasons that we are a coop school  A co-op school is more than nonprofit, it’s a community designed to support its members. As such, Sea Rose aims to make tuition as affordable as possible while maintaining an superior program that embraces each child’s family. With your help we can support our school with cost-saving programs through fundraising, parent volunteering, and tuition credit activities.  As a small community, Sea Rose relies on members’ commitments & integrity to sustain our mission.


Many of our families have two working parents who desire a year-round school with a full-day program. This offers the child a more consistent daily rhythm, without having to be shuffled to aftercare, and better fits the schedule of working parents. We offer an 8am to 5 pm school day with federal and RI holidays off.  Throughout the year, there will be several week-long breaks for family vacations and breaks for our hard-working teachers.


Schools become a community not just for the students, but for the parents and caregivers as well. During our school year we have family gatherings, parent education nights,  family weekend outings and always welcome parents in periodically for lunch in the classroom. We want to build this school community with you!