Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information on Sea Rose Montessori

Q. What is the age range for enrollment?

A. Children must be at least 3.5 years old to be enrolled in our program. We currently offer  admission periods in  (based on availability)  in September and on a case by case basis.  For the 2020 – 2021 year, students will range from 3.5 to 9 years old. In subsequent years we will be adding on additional grades through 8th grade.

Q. What is Sea Rose doing to help keep the school community safe during this pandemic?

A. Sea Rose Montessori is following all of the required guidelines. Some of these guidelines include:  daily attestation forms/temperature checks, two separate primary classrooms to accommodate our new small stable groups, a new separate building for our elementary students, individualized materials and learning areas, three new outdoor fields with mature trees and an amphitheater (under construction) to accommodate our increased outdoor time for learning and exploration, and of course, our extensive Home Learning Program. In addition, we have a newly created safety team to oversee the implementation of these measures and keep us informed of changes.

Q. Is the school prepared to transition to a type of distance learning if need be?

A. YES. The school has taken everything that we learned from our expreince transitioning to distance learning to the next level.  We have created an extensive At Home Learning program.

Q. What is a multi-age classroom?

A. Children learn by observing each other, so in a Montessori classroom, the children are placed with their peers in a multi-age environment. This allows the younger children to observe and learn from the work of the older children. It also helps the older children to reinforce their understanding every time they help the younger children.

Q. What hours is the school open?

A. We offer a full day program from 8am – 3pm for our primary students and 8am – 5pm for our elementary students at this time. We ask that all children arrive by 8:30am so that they can get settled into their day. Parents are welcome to pick up children as early as 2:45pm.

Q. How does the year-round schedule work?

A. Your yearly tuition includes year-round, full day care. We follow state guidelines that require 180 academic days. Our schedule beyond those 180 days is more flexible to fit the desire of our students and families. We still incorporate Montessori teachings during the summer months to keep our student’s from being affected by “summer brain drain”, but the hours of academics are be reduced and replaced with other productive and engaging activities. Families that are in good standing with children who are following the guidelines and who are also enrolled for the following year are invited to partake  in our summer session. This is a complementary benefit that we offer to families meeting all of the above criteria.

Q. When are school closings?

A. The school will close for all federal holidays and during Christmas, spring and summer breaks.

Q. What if I do not want my child to attend school 5 days a week or over the summer?

A. A less than full schedule for a student can be a financial strain on the school, but we are open to discussions with families and will make decisions with the input of our teachers on a case by case basis.

Q. Is there a religious affiliation?

A. Sea Rose leases space on the Saint Mary’s campus in Portsmouth, Rhode Island but is free of any religious affiliation.

Q. Are there any transportation options?

A. While Sea Rose does not currently have any transportation options, we encourage families that live in close proximity to each other to carpool.