Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information on Sea Rose Montessori School based in Portsmouth RI and serving students from Aquidneck Island as well as Warren, Bristol, Tiverton, Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth, plus Fall River and Swansea Massachusetts.

Sea Rose Montessori School in Portsmouth Rhode Island offers an authentic Montessori education. Licensed by both Rhode Island Department of Education and as a RIDHS (formerly DCYF) licensed care provider, Sea Rose’s dedicated and experienced teachers are also Montessori-certified.

Q. What is the age range for enrollment?

A. Children must be at least 3-years-old to be enrolled in the Sea Rose program. We currently offer  admission periods in  (based on availability)  in September and on a case-by-case basis.  For the 2022-2023 school year, students range from 3- to 5-years-old.

Q. How has Sea Rose continued to keep students safely at school — and the school community safe — during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. Sea Rose Montessori, at minimum, follows all CDC/RIDOH required mandates, PLUS: 

  • Mask-wearing indoors, HEPA filters, state-of-the-art CO2 monitoring, daily attestations/temperature checks,
  • Individualized materials and learning areas, separate building for elementary students,
  • Three outdoor fields with mature trees and an amphitheater to accommodate increased outdoor time for learning and exploration, and of course,
  • Our extensive Home Learning Program.

In addition, Sea Rose’s standing Safety Team of medical professionals and members of the community guide the implementation of safety measures and keep everyone informed with best practices to keep school safely open.

Note that Sea Rose has experienced zero in-school transmission of COVID-19, nor flu. Since its founding in 2016, Sea Rose’s “feeling unwell” policy encourages families to keep students home to rest and recover more quickly. COVID-19 has shown this policy helps keep classrooms open, teachers well, and students in-school safely learning.

In light of our young unvaccinated students, at this time of increased risk, Sea Rose families are embracing outdoor activities and masking when sharing indoor airspace.

Q. What does distance learning look like at Sea Rose Montessori?

A. As of January 2022, Sea Rose Montessori has only had 1 week of distance learning since July 2020. If needed, Sea Rose’s dedicated and experienced teachers are prepared to quickly transition to home learning with individualized learning kits, carefully curated for each student. Guided by renowned Montessori leaders, Sea Rose teachers have elevated an extensive Home-Learning program.

As you would expect in a Montessori program, home learning is hands-on and student-driven, as opposed to “Zoom school” and “parent teaching.” The Montessori-is-everywhere approach embraces students’ independence and natural curiosity, which many Sea Rose families found liberating during the national lockdown in Spring 2020. Anecdotally, many Sea Rose stayed engaged in their independent work for longer stretches with their custom learning kits and teacher guidance to parents.

Q. What hours is Sea Rose Montessori open?

A. Sea Rose offers a full-day program from 8 am – 5 pm for all students. The school day officially starts at 8:30 am. We ask that all children arrive by 8:30 am so students can settle into their day. Families are welcome to pick up as early as 2:45 pm.

Q. What is a multi-age classroom?

A. Children learn by observing one another. In a Montessori classroom, a multi-age environment – ages 3-6 for primary and grades 1-4 for elementary – allows younger children to observe and learn from the work of older children. Older students experience “leadership” roles and in guiding younger students, older students reinforce their understanding of the material and concepts.

Q. How does the year-round schedule work?

A. Your yearly tuition includes year-round, full-day care. We follow state guidelines that require 180 academic days. Summer programming features Montessori teachings to defray “summer brain drain,” balanced by other productive and engaging activities like Sea Rose’s many gardening plots. All students continuing into the upcoming academic year are invited to partake in summer sessions.

Q. When are school breaks?

A. Sea Rose follows the Rhode Island common schools calendar: closed for federal holidays, 2 weeks over Christmas-New Years, 1 week for February and April breaks, 1 week prior to summer and September sessions. Sea Rose serves families with dedicated educators who will also engage in a professional development day in each term.

Q. What if I do not want my child to attend school 5 days a week or over the summer?

A. Summer programming is optional and remains included in tuition. Sea Rose’s experienced staff can help guide you through any transitions. An earlier pickup, for example can work well for younger children. In addition to seeking a Montessori education, most families find the familiar surroundings and routines work best for students as well as adult schedules.

Q. Is there a religious affiliation?

A. Sea Rose does not have any religious affiliation. The Saint Mary’s campus in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, provides ample open space and beautiful, modern classroom spaces, community gardens, mature trees, and a peaceful setting.

Q. Transportation options?

A. With extended hours and a wide dropoff and pickup timeframes, families appreciate the flexibility and efficiency of carpools or having some down time together on the drive. Current families hail from Warren, Bristol, Tiverton, Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth, and Swansea Massachusetts.

Founded by 4 moms, Sea Rose Montessori School supports families with community events like apple picking, picnics, and hikes; expert talks on parenting and wellness; and insights from our highly experienced and dedicated educators with frequent adult-learning evenings throughout the year.

Click here to learn more about Sea Rose Montessori School’s faculty of Montessori-certified teachers.