The heart of the classroom is its teachers. These are the amazing humans who do the important work of shaping out students’ minds, serving as role models, collaborating with parents, and preparing our children for their future. We have identified two Montessori trained guides who want to lead our children in this journey. They are dynamic, intelligent and experienced women who have collaborated in their past professional careers. They are looking forward to building this school in the community where they live.

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.’

Maria Montessori

Sherry Emrich

Prior to being a Montessori teacher, Sherry served in the U.S. Army. On one of her deployments, while working with displaced children, she was introduced to the tenants of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy through a book given to her by a Red Cross volunteer. The book was The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori.  She read it cover to cover several times before returning home. Shortly thereafter her military commitment ended, and her new journey began. Sherry holds an Association Montessori Internationale Primary Diploma (ages 3 to 6) from Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola University, a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Master of Education degree from Regent University, and a Rhode Island Department of Education Early Childhood Teacher (Pre-K through Second Grade) Certificate. She is also an AMI Primary Course Assistant helping to train adults in the Montessori method. She is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys gardening, sewing and knitting. We are blessed to have Sherry guiding our children at Sea Rose.

Kathleen Croll Daily

Kathleen is a product of early childhood Montessori education and has had a passion for Montessori philosophy ever since.  Her own children attended a Montessori school.  Kathleen began her teaching experience as a Montessori teaching assistant. She decided to become a certified guide and was trained by the American Montessori Society (AMS) Primary certification.  Her experience in Montessori schools has included Co- Teacher positions and Lead Primary Teacher. She holds a BA and attended Rhode Island School of Design and had her own graphic design business.  She is presently working on her BA in Early Childhood Education. Kathleen also developed enrichment programing for local public and private school for many years. During her free time she enjoys rock climbing, reading, art spending time with her family.  Sea Rose is enthusiastic to have Kathleen nurturing our students.


Matt Daily

As a decadeslong Montessori supporter and sometimes educator, Matt Daily’s accomplishments include leading a Montessori board in its search for and construction of a new home as well as fundraising and promoting Montessori methodology.  Mr Daily is lead scientist at BBN Raytheon technologies, where he has worked for the past 30 years developing embedded real-time software, signal processing aglorithms, acoustic models, and underwater simulations. He has served on many community boards such as the Portsmouth Free Public Library and has developed after school enrichment programing. He is currently a pHD candidate at URI in computer science.

Carole Corriveau

A stellar career in philanthropy all started at a Montessori school many years ago. Since then, Carole’s heart and avid support of Montessori benefits Sea Rose Montessori greatly: advising on fundraising, community development, and events. Carole is currently director of philanthropy at Sail Newport.

Susan Zoll Ph.D

A trained Montessori educator who adapts Montessori methodology to not only trains traditional educators at Rhode island College’s Institute for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning but also has spearheaded millions in federal grant funds to adapt Montessori techniques into traditional school settings to boost literacy nationwide. Dr. Zoll advises and presents on behalf of Sea Rose & we look forward to supporting her research as well.